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» Background

-Company History

In 2015 we identified the need for good service delivery in the electrical industry. In 2016 we registered the company Milec Electrical (Pty) Ltd to fill the shortcomings needed. The company has since been registered to all relevant industry related authorities. We have stayed up to date and trained in all the fields of expertise within the electrical industry ever since, offering clients a wide scope of services to offer.

-What we do

Our main focus is to offer clients all electrical related services there are to offer with the best service and workmanship there is to give.

» Mission statement

We strive to provide clients with a safe and user-friendly experience of the electrical system he has or wants installed.


Excellence. We focus on being excellent in everything we do.
God’s time. We aim to have faith that God’s time is perfect in everything we pursue.
Pro-active. Our service delivery is all about being ‘ahead of the game’ and thus proactive and on any industry / regulatory changes.

-Growth strategy

Our growth strategy is built around customer satisfaction, word of mouth, and marketing campaigns.

» Products & Services


Our main focus is electrical installations, from a solar system to a plug to a extension cord. To see some of our services, kindly visit the Services section.

-Business competitiveness

Price. As we specialise, our services are provided at a fraction of the market price.

Online. By the end of 2017 we aim to have an online store, and also an online informative website, covering all aspects of our work and products we supply. It will contain all manuals, FAQ’s, and limited safe DIY maintenance solutions – this will make any client a happy client.

» Management & Ownership


Francois Du Preez is full owner and self-managing director of Milec Electrical.
Qualified Red Seal Electrician
Qualified Red Seal Fitter and Turner

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